AG Ultimate Ocean Hydration Mask


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A 2- Step mask containing stem cell-derived ingredients from the ocean resulting with healthier glow recommended for users with sensitive or dry skin.

A face mask with a stem cell derived treatment cream that has repairing, hydration retention and moisturizing properties. The treatment cream contains human stem cell, Marine Placenta®, EGF, Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 and squalane that intensively nourishes the areas around the eyes and mouth. It encourages the skin cell renewing process and accelerate metabolism to revive weakened skin. The face mask also contains plenty of precious beautifying ingredients such as human stem cell, Marine Placenta®, blue elastin, Haberlea Rhodopensis leaf extract and deep sea water from Muroto City in Kochi Prefecture. The moisturizing components blend in to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to promote beautiful skin. The sheet is thin and breathable, using a 100% Cuprammonium fabric that has both liquid absorbing and retaining properties. Contains no parabens, coloring or alcohol.

  5 Sheets, 200g
– Made in Japan