Albion Fresh Herbal Oil 40ml


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Enhance your beauty while protecting your skin. on each skinoil that fits. A multi-use oil that leads to beautiful skin full of vitality and luster that resists problems such as dryness and rough skin. Melts into every corner of the skin (stratum corneum) and fills it with moisture to make it supple.

All ingredients display

Jojoba seed oil, isopropyl myristate, mineral oil, triethyl xanoin, squalane, meadowfoam oil, olyp fruit oil, ascorbic acid Acid, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, cyperus esculentus root oil, tocohue Lol, pulquenetia volubilis seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, BHT, ethanol, fragrance


-Made in Japan

How to use

Take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and use it according to the purpose of care.

For daily care Please use about 2-3 drops. [When you want to be moist and supple] ○ After washing your face, lightly massage it in. [When you want to plump and moisturize] ○ After applying milky lotion, lightly massage to blend.

For special care Use about 1 teaspoon once or twice a week. [When you want smooth skin without roughness or stiffness] ○ After applying milky lotion, spread it on your skin and gently massage it from the center of your face outwards for about 3 minutes. [When you want lively firmness] ○ After washing your face, lightly spread it on your skin, leave it for a while, and then let it absorb.

For body care

○ Lightly massage the rough areas such as elbows, knees, and heels. ○ After taking a bath, lightly massage the entire body to let it absorb.

For hair care

○ After towel-drying, apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and apply evenly to your hair. Especially apply from the ends of the hair where dryness and damage are a concern.

Precautions for use

◇It may turn cloudy or solidify at low temperatures, but there is no problem in using it. After leaving it in a warm place (room temperature) for a while, return it to its original state before use.