Clé de Peau Concealer Brush


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Product description

The best brilliance and color drawn by yourself. A high-performance concealer brush that feels silky smooth on the skin and fits perfectly around the delicate eye area and all kinds of color unevenness, covering skin troubles beautifully like a professional.  A brush supervised by a makeup artist, made using Kumano’s traditional techniques.  Comes with a soft case for convenient portability.

-Made in Japan


●Dip concealer into the brush and apply to areas you want to cover. <Cleaning method> ●After use, wipe off any remaining concealer on the brush with tissue paper, etc., and store it in the special case. ●When the brush becomes dirty, use Sowannetoyan Panso (brush cleaner) or lightly shake it with a thin solution of neutral detergent in lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly so that no detergent remains, and dry it. Wipe off the water well by tapping it several times while aligning the brush surface with a towel or tissue paper. After that, lay the brush on its side and let it dry completely in a well-ventilated shade before using.