Clé de Peau Beauté Illuminating Concentrate Set


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For radiant skin with extremely bright skin that is full of moisture, moisture and firmness with a single care. Every time you repeat the calculated 3 steps, your skin will be filled and you will feel the effect of improvement. Intensive care that enhances radiance and brings confidence to the beauty of the skin.

Moisturising ingredient Illuminating complex combination Cle de Peau Beauté’s proprietary cellular IC normaliser formulation * that guides the function of cell ion channels to the optimum state.


  • Gently loosens the skin to remove hardness and unnecessary stratum corneum.
  • Improves the spread and familiarity of the next care. 


  • Improves skin recovery functions such as transparency, elasticity, uniformity, and moisture at once.
  • You can get the feeling of being filled with brilliance from the time you are familiar with it.


  • Wraps the face so that it is integrated with the skin with a thickness that gives a sense of security.
  • The comfortable usability and scent of the mask gives you a feeling of relaxation and elegance that will relieve your physical and mental fatigue.

6 Sets
– Made in Japan