Clé de Peau Powder Brush


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Product description

A highly functional powder brush that adheres powder softly and evenly to silky-smooth skin, leading to a beautiful finish like a professional and a veil-like shine. Can be used for powder type products. Comes with a soft case for convenient portability.

-Made in Japan


●Dip the brush in powder and apply it to the entire face while gently moving the brush.

<Cleaning method>

◇ After use, wipe off the face powder remaining on the brush with tissue paper, etc., and store it in the special case.

◇When the brush becomes dirty, use Clé de Peau Beaute Soinnettoyan Panso (brush cleaner) or dissolve a neutral detergent in lukewarm water and lightly shake it, and wash thoroughly so that no detergent remains. After rinsing, press the brush surface against a dry towel or tissue paper several times to wipe off the moisture. After that, lay the brush on its side and let it dry completely in a well-ventilated shade before using.


◇If the brush gets dirty, it will be difficult for the face powder to stick to it, so keep it clean at all times. ◇ Do not put the brush in a soft case or pouch when it is not completely dry.

◇If you do not use the brush for a long time, take it out of the case and dry it well before storing it in a well-ventilated place.

◇ If the feeling of use or the finish deteriorates, please purchase a new brush.

◇Keep out of reach of children.