Clé de Peau The Sponge


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Product description

A high-performance multi-use sponge that adheres foundation evenly to the skin with a soft feel and a variety of cut surfaces to quickly achieve a beautiful finish like a professional. Dual use (with or without water) type that allows you to enjoy the finish freely. Sponge supervised by a makeup artist using antibacterial materials. 


●With a large cut surface that fits the skeleton, the foundation is spread evenly over the entire face.

●The small cut surface allows for pinpoint application of blush and contouring.

● Use the tip for small areas such as the side of the nose and under the eyes.

●At the bottom, blush or foundation can be blended into the skin by tapping.

●When using the sponge wet, soak the sponge in water and wring it out before using. Drain well after use.

<Cleaning method>

If the sponge gets dirty, wash it with a little neutral detergent in lukewarm water. Please use it.

<Precautions for use>

・Store on the dedicated tray.

・Do not use makeup base or sunscreen with a high SPF value with this sponge. It may cause accelerated deterioration.

・Do not put the sponge in a bag or pouch if it is not completely dry. Please be aware that bacteria may grow, cause odors, and in rare cases may cause skin problems.

・If the sponge becomes dirty, it will be difficult to apply foundation, so always keep it clean.

・If the feeling of use or finish deteriorates, please purchase a new sponge.

・Keep out of reach of children.