Cosme Decorté Whitelogist Neogenesis Brightening Concentrate 40ml


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Product description

“Kojic acid” × Japan’s first combination * 1 “Natsushiragiku extract” * 2 (moisturizing) Advanced whitening* serum Aiming

for 37 million*3 stain-producing cells*4, “Kojic acid” approaches the growth of melanin, which continues to increase blackness deep inside the skin. Suppresses blemishes from the beginning and makes the skin full of moisture and transparency. It gives off a radiant glow.

Truly a fusion of nature’s wisdom and whitening* science. The latest whitening* serum backed by a long history.

* Suppress melanin production and prevent spots and freckles *1 In medicated cosmetics *2 Feverfew extract, concentrated glycerin (moisturizer) *3 Calculated from the average number of melanocytes per square millimeter (unit area) and the average face area of ​​women (approximate value) *4 Melanocyte (quasi-drug)



-Made in Japan


component Ingredients

Kojic acid*, Purified water, 1,3-butylene glycol, ethanol, diglycerin, dipropylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, D-pantetheine-S-sulfonic acid calcium liquid, L-oxyproline, d-δ-tocopherol, ascorbic acid, Echinashi leaf extract , licorice flavonoids, coffee extract, saffron extract, sunpens extract, honeysuckle extract, mallow extract, turmeric extract, thyme extract (1), angelica extract (1), feverfew extract, grape seed extract, pine extract, rhodiola cherry root extract, seaweed extract (Five),Natural vitamin E, disodium edetate, oleyl alcohol, xanthan gum, citric acid, succinic acid, disodium succinate, cholesterol, gellan gum, trimethylolpropane triisostearate, sodium hydroxymethoxybenzophenone sulfonate, sunflower phospholipids, polyacrylic acid. Sodium, hydroxylated soy phospholipid, hydrogenated soy phospholipid, absolute ethanol, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, caramel *; active ingredients unmarked; other ingredients


○ Please use it after preparing your skin with lotion in the morning and evening.

○ Press the pump, take a small amount in the palm of your hand, and gently apply it to your face.