Cosme Decorte Phytotune White Perfection 40ml


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Whitening beauty serum that prevents blemishes and makes your skin radiant and translucent . Contains fermented extracts, condensed from botanical goodness

  • Contains a fermented hibiscus extract that is rich in vitamins and minerals, with a herbal complex for concentrated botanical benefits.
  • It suppresses the production of melanin, preventing age spots and freckles, leading to radiant skin bursting with hydration.
  • Works on heat-fatigued skin that’s been exposed to summer UV rays, keeping it healthy and making it clear and plumpy toned.
  • The lightweight gel formulation spreads on smoothly, integrating with the skin. Takes skin with unevenness,and makes it silky smooth, giving it an even, clear look.
  • Herbal, floral base notes with overtones of sweetpea and rose and an overall fresh herbal floral fragrance that’s fresh and clean,and accented with bergamont, pleasant in summer.

– Contains essential oils (fragrances).
– Tested for stinging (skin irritation) (Results may still vary depending on the individual.)
– Paraben-free
– Made in Japan


L-ascorbic Acid 2-glucoside, Purified Water, 1,3-butylene Glycol, Ethanol, Concentrated Glycerin, Dipropylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol Dicaprate, Etc.