Elixir Superieur Enriched Cream TB 45g


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Item description

A dense beauty cream that supports your facial expression with a firmness Supports even facial expressions with full firmness. For a look that tends to lose its suppleness with age. The important thing was the firmness that supported it. Elixir’s aging care* focuses on this fact. Filled with plenty of deep moisture and firmness, for a rich look with a natural smile. Makes fine wrinkles caused by dryness less noticeable. (Efficacy evaluation tested) *Aging care is moisture care according to age.


-Made in Japan


Water, cetyl ethylhexanoate, BG, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, nylon-12, ethanol, macadamia nut fatty acid phytosteryl, glyceryl stearate, tocopherol acetate, xanthan gum, inositol, soapberry peel extract, Mentha leaf extract, water-soluble collagen, aspartic acid, burnet extract, rosemary extract, turmeric rhizome extract, saccharomyces culture lysate,Arginine HCl, mandarin orange peel extract, rosemary leaf oil, watercress leaf/stem extract, olive leaf extract, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, beheneth-20, sodium citrate, carbomer, tocopherol, EDTA-2Na, citric acid , K hydroxide, sodium pyrosulfite, sodium metaphosphate, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, iron oxide

How to use

●At the end of nighttime care, take a pearl-sized amount on your fingertips and place it on 5 places on your face.

●Apply from wide areas such as cheeks and forehead to the entire face.

<How to use to increase firmness>

1. At the end of night care, take 3 pearl grains as a guide, draw a spiral, and massage it to lift your cheeks. (three times)

2. Stretch the nasolabial fold horizontally and pull it up diagonally. (6 times)

3. Pull up from the face line to the temple. (6 times) Finally, press the temple.

The key is to use the right amount of force to move your muscles. Add more cream when your fingers become less slippery.

Precautions for use

◇ After use, close the cap properly.

◇ If the mouth of the container is covered with cream, wipe it off well.

◇Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperatures.