Helena Rubinstein Re-plasty Pro Filler Concentrate 50ml


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As the first cosmetic alternative to an injection of hyaluronic acid, this intensively fortifying concentrate reduces deep wrinkles and reinforces skin elasticity. Composed of two types of hyaluronic acid, the formula of re-plasty pro filler was designed to stimulate the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Pfulg, Founder Of Laclinic Montreux and pioneering aesthetic surgeon discloses the secret of his exceptional Hyaluronic acid injection care. The HELENA RUBINSTEIN laboratories have combined their know-how with the medical expertise of DR. PFULG in order to develop REPLASTY PROFILLER , a wrinkle filling serum. Concentrated in 5 Hyaluronic acids selected for their different molecualr weight, this serum targets 5 wrinkle types, reinforces skin elasticity and replumps skin mattress.

5H.A. Complex*2

A combination that achieves all of the skin surface x internal*5, immediate x long-term effects, and physical x biological effects to thoroughly enhance the firmness.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid *6 Gives moisture to the surface of the skin, giving it a plump impression and making fine wrinkles caused by dryness inconspicuous.

Microencapsulated polymer hyaluronic acid*6 As a moisturizing ingredient that works on the surface of the skin, it enhances the supple and smooth feel of the skin.

Middle molecular hyaluronic acid *7 Approach the inside*5 to maintain skin elasticity and expand from the inside.

Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid*6 Prevent water loss on the skin surface. The skin regains moisture from deep within, smoothing the skin and restoring firmness and elasticity.

Acetylated hyaluronic acid*8 It blends well with the skin, has high permeability, and is difficult to decompose. Penetrates deep into the skin*5, giving the skin firmness for a long time.