Kanebo Comfort Stretchy Wash 130g


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An essence stretchy wash in any moment you can experience moisture. The unique stringy textured cream transforms into delicate concentrated foam, feeling moisture as if embracing your skin with beauty serums. The moisturized feel remains even after washing.

  • The softly enriched textured cream is filled with abundant moisturizing ingredients generally blended into beauty serums.
  • Experience the technology of the enriched cushioning lather. The stretchy textured cream turns into a soft, richly concentrated lather. Draping smoothly over the face, it is closely attached to skin as if it is an essence mask with cushioning foam.
  • Micro-sized delicate foam drawing out impurities. As polygonal shaped foam tries to return to a circular shape, osmotically induced force quickly draws out impurities in the stratum corneum.
  • Moisturizing ingredients embrace your entire skin with a moisture veil during washing, leaving your skin moist after rinsing. They even help lotions applied afterward penetrate smoothly to the skin.
  • A floral fruity fragrance that blends lily of the valley and rose accented with “Teatopia” tea flower.

-Made in Japan

Moisturizing Ingredients:

Hydro ST (Polyquaternium-51, PEG-400, Polyquaternium-7), Glycerin
A moisturizing ingredient centered on the “phospholipid complex” that creates a moist veil of a high affinity for the skin.