Freeplus Moist Care Lotion 1 and Emulsion 1 Set Refreshing


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Hypoallergenic set offers a lightweight, non-sticky finish and is infused with 6 Chinese herbal extracts, alongside glycyrrhizin, bitter orange peel extract, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to condition skin.

  • Enriched with 6 oriental herbal extracts, Nicotinic Acid B and Serine 120 which can penetrate thoroughly into deep stratum corneum.
  • Helps to replenish the moisture of skin cells and prevent moisture loss, leaving your skin moist, plump and soft.
  • Fresh and non-greasy texture. To achieve balanced skin.
  • A weak acid emulsion which does not contain Paraben, alcohol, fragrance, colourings, mineral oil and UV absorbers. Suitable for sensitive skin also.
Include: Moist Care Lotion 1 – 130ml
              Moist Care Emulsion 1 – 100ml
– For oily to combination skin
– Made in Japan