Kanebo Ihope On Skin Essence F 125ml


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This essence, inspired by intercellular lipids, contains moisturizing ingredients as well as nano-sized oil, that penetrate into the stratum corneum for hydrated, dewy skin. Compound ingredients, inspired by intercellular lipids, are formulated into oil and micronized, penetrating into the stratum corneum for soft skin infused with moisture.

  • Bring out your potential with refreshing sensation of nano-sized oil. Moisturizing ingredients and nano-sized oil penetrate your skin instantly, permeating into the stratum corneum.
  • Formulated with oil, while lightweight to the touch, blends comfortably into the skin.
  • For supple, dewy skin with a proper balance of water and oil.
  • For skin prone to partial roughness and seasonal dryness. For dry skin.

-Made in Japan



Bilberry leaf extract [Vaccinium Myrtillus Leaf Extract], Watercress extract [Nasturtium Officinale Extract], Glycerin