Kissme Prime Liquid Eyeliner Rich Keep


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Super Waterproof prescription
A super waterproof formula blends highly water-resistant ingredients in the original ratio, and is a durable liquid eyeliner that is resistant to tears, sweat, sebum, and rubbing, and keeps a beautiful line all day long.

Adopted new liquid control function
The “adjuster” that controls the outflow of liquid has been renewed, and you can draw dense and highly colored lines at once without fading to the outer corners of the eyes.

Brush tip 0.1 mm!
Smooth domestic ultra-fine brush. Make-up in the brush pen liner.
Because it is a brush with exquisite elasticity, you can aim at details such as the splashes on the outer corners of the eyes and the gaps in the eyelashes.

Close contact! Dense & high color development
A double blend of highly elastic adhesion ingredients.
It is firmly fixed, and you can draw a line with high color development and close contact without color unevenness with one stroke.

Quick-drying type
It won’t lose to swaying, bleeding, and blinking during makeup.

Off with hot water
Even though it is resistant to bleeding, it is off with hot water!
A highly water resistant formulation. If you feel it is difficult to remove, please use a face wash (soap, etc.).

No dye is used and no pigment remains on the skin.

Colors : 01 Black: Clear and dense black. For a sharp impression
02 Brown Black:  Close to black. For an intellectual impression
03 Natural Brown: Slightly reddish brown. For a lady impression

– Made in Japan