Maquillage Dramatic Nude Jelly BB 30g


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Product description

Even though it is light, it covers pores and color unevenness, and makes the skin transparent and moisturized just after skin care.  MAQuillAGE Nude Jelly BB that does not easily stick to masks.  Jelly that contains plenty of moisture moisturizes the skin while maintaining a glossy and transparent finish.  The jelly spreads freshly and evenly covers pores and color unevenness.  Since it wraps and coats the skin, it does not easily stain the mask. Unscented.

-Made in Japan


●After preparing the skin with lotion, etc., take a pearl-sized amount on your fingertips and spread it over the entire face. 

●Apply a small amount over the areas you want to cover. 

● If the amount used is small, sufficient UV protection effect cannot be obtained.