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B.A Cream Aiming for bouncy, firm skin with a three-dimensional effect of moisture and luster This product or one refill, and a mini size of B.A Lotion, packed with sensibility qualities such as textures and fragrances that heighten curiosity. A limited collection of individual packaging type serum and set limited sheet mask that can be used for 2 weeks with POLA’s highest peak serum B.A Grandluxe III. Experience immersion in luxury with a special collection packed with luxury.

set content

■B.A cream (this product or refill) 30g The rich cream melts into one body at the temperature of the skin. It feels like it’s filled with firmness and elasticity. A high-quality fragrance with a sense of calmness from an uplifting fragrance.

■B.A Lotion 20mL The lotion with a thick texture is absorbed freshly into the skin. Gives a feeling of firmness and luster that swells with moisture. A gorgeous scent and a relaxing scent.

■B.A Granluxe III [Quasi-drug] <Essence/Emulsion> 0.6g x 14 packets Brand name: Pola B.A Granluxe III Texture that increases curiosity by touching. Supports firmness so that the essence with a rich texture melts into the skin. An individual packaging type that can be used for two weeks with an “imaginative garden” scent that pushes the switch of curiosity and imagination.

■B.A Granluxe III Mask 27mL (1 sheet) x 2 packs A sheet mask containing the same beauty ingredients as B.A Granluxe III. A deep slit sheet with a rich touch comfortably adheres to the skin. Sensitive quality that envelops the entire face with the fragrance of “Imaginative Garden” and raises curiosity from the texture and fragrance.

How to use

B.A Lotion

After washing or massaging, take an appropriate amount (2 pushes) and gently spread over the entire face. If you are particularly concerned about lack of firmness or dryness, apply an appropriate amount (2 pushes) to the entire face during nighttime care, then apply an appropriate amount (1 push) to areas of concern (eyes, mouth, etc.) Push) gently and carefully before using.

B.A Granluxe III

B.A Granluxe III is a serum that combines the functions of essence and milk, so basic care is completed by using B.A Granluxe III after lotion. Please adjust the amount used according to the condition of your skin. 1. Morning and night, after preparing skin with lotion, take an appropriate amount and spread it over the entire face. 2. Gently pull up the entire cheek to blend it in, and fix it for about 3 seconds as if you remember the firmness. <Fig. 1>

◆Furthermore, how to take care of B.A Granluxe III After applying B.A Granluxe III to the entire face, rub the palms of your hands to warm it up a little, and then wrap the entire face to make it adhere to the skin so that it can be absorbed into the skin. <Figure 2>

B.A Granluxe III Mask

1. After preparing the skin with lotion, remove the mask from the bag and spread it gently. (Be careful as it may drip.)

2. Align the eyes and temples and fit the top part of the mask over the entire forehead. <Fig. 1>

3. Hold both ends of the cheeks and apply it to the skin while stretching it to pull up the face line. <Figure 2>

4. After about 5 minutes, remove the mask and apply the remaining serum on your face. If you are concerned about the remaining feeling, please press lightly with a tissue.

<Precautions for use>

◇ Depending on your skin condition, B.A Granluxe III Mask may feel uncomfortable if you apply it for more than 5 minutes. Therefore, please remove the mask after about 5 minutes.

◇ If you want to use other serums with B.A Granluxe III Mask, please use it after using the mask.

◇ We recommend using either B.A Granluxe III Mask or B.A Granluxe III at one time. If you want to use it together, please use B.A Granluxe III after B.A Granluxe III Mask.

B.A Cream

Please use it mainly for night care. After conditioning the skin with milk, take an appropriate amount (about the size of a pearl), place it on five points (forehead, both cheeks, nose, chin), and apply it gently from the inside to the outside.

-Made in Japan