Pola Vital Base 180 tablets


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Product information

As an ingredient common to all Kenbi Sansen products, Oshagujitake extract is blended (POLA original) It is a vigorous plant that grows in the desert. In China, it has been used by the private sector since ancient times and has been highly prized historically. It is said to be good for nourishment, but it is hardly distributed in Japan, so we developed it from the delivery route. This is an original extract produced by Pola’s own method, with particular attention to the extraction conditions, in order to extract a large amount of the active ingredients of Oshagujitake mushrooms.

Main ingredients Royal

Jelly (POLA Original)

Contains carefully selected ingredients collected in early spring (end of March to early April), when honeybees are at their most energetic. It uses royal jelly harvested by beekeepers in Zhejiang Province, China, etc. who are recognized for their high technical capabilities, and contains “Royalactin®,” a protein discovered by Pola that is abundant in fresh royal jelly. Royalactin® is an essential ingredient for larvae to become queen bees. Royal jelly contains many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

silk tree bark extract

At night, it closes its leaves and looks like it has fallen asleep.

ginseng extract

An extract extracted from the root of ginseng, a member of the Araliaceae family. In Chinese medicine, it is said to be good for nutrition and is used to maintain health.

180 tablets

-Made in Japan
All ingredients display

Royal jelly powder (contains royalactin®) (manufactured in China), Korean ginseng extract powder (Ginseng extract, dextrin), Syringomyelia bark extract powder, Licorice powder/sorbitol, hydroxy Propyl methyl cellulose, fine silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, paste (carboxymethyl cellulose calcium), zein, coloring (titanium dioxide, safflower yellow, red radish), glycerin fatty acid ester, hydroxypropyl cellulose, brightener

How to serve

Take 2 capsules per day with water without chewing.