Pola The Hand Cream Delight Set


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“POLA The Hand Cream” is now available in a new scent and limited package.

A hand cream aims for a fluffy, firm hand skin. A limited package set with a new scent of rosemary & lavender and the classic bitter orange & jasmine scents will make you feel different. You can use it according to your mood and scene, or share it with your loved ones.

Two scents to choose from according to the scene
<Any scene with a soft scent> limited scent
A scent of rosemary and lavender makes you feel warm. Ginger spices accent the high-quality floral world. The scent is mild, so you can use it when you go out, such as during the day.
<Scene where you want to feel the scent firmly>
Enchanting and pleasant bitter orange & jasmine scent. The same scent as “POLA The Hand Cream” makes you feel refreshed and happy. When you want to be relaxed, such as before taking a rest or at home.

Heavenly Rich Oil Prescription

– The oil phase softens the stratum corneum and enhances the penetration of the aqueous phase to result in a fluffy “Heavenly Rich Oil Formula”.
– The water-in-oil (W / O type) emulsion is that blends oil components such as evening primrose oil and olive fruit oil with water-soluble beauty components for a rich feel.

-Made in Japan