Shiseido Revital Emulsion III 50g


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Item description

Medicated emulsion that leads to bright skin full of firmness and moisture Prevents dryness caused by “light damage” and leads to bright skin full of firmness and moisture. Formulated with unique beauty ingredients and whitening* active ingredients to deal with “light damage”. It blends comfortably and penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, filling the skin with luxurious moisture. * Suppress melanin production and prevent spots and freckles

-Made in Japan


Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate*, tranexamic acid*, retinol acetate, tea extract (1), edelweiss extract, turmeric extract, purified water, 1,3-butylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, ethanol, diisopropyl sebacate, methylpolysiloxane, self emulsified glyceryl monostearate, liquid paraffin, cetanol, pentaerythritol tetra-2-ethylhexanoate, diglycerin, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sodium acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer/isohexadecane/polysorbate 80, macadamia nut oil fatty acid phytosteryl, myristyl myristate, silicic anhydride, behenyl alcohol, octamethyltrisiloxane, stearyl alcohol, decamethyltetrasiloxane,White beeswax, polyoxyethylene (17) polyoxypropylene (4) dimethyl ether, sorbitan tristearate, carboxyvinyl polymer, trisodium edetate, succinoglucan, L-oxyproline, sodium metaphosphate, 2-O-ethyl- L-ascorbic acid, licorice extract powder, sodium pyrosulfite, olive leaf extract, hawthorn extract, L-arginine, tencha extract, DL-alanine, polyoxyethylene (14) polyoxypropylene (7) dimethyl ether, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, Red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide * indicates “active ingredient”; no indication indicates “other ingredients”

How to use

●After applying lotion, take 2 pearl-sized drops on your fingertips, and apply carefully from the center of the face outwards, starting from the wide areas such as the cheeks and forehead.

Precautions for use

◇If you experience any skin abnormalities due to exposure to direct sunlight, discontinue use.

◇ After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean and be sure to close the cap properly.

◇Keep out of reach of infants.

◇Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperatures.