The Ginza Journey Kit I


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A limited-edition skincare travel set that creates healthy looking skin on-the-go, around 10-day usage.

  1. <cleanser foam> The Ginza Creamy Cleansing Foam  30g
    The creamy, dense, high-quality lather hugs the skin gently and removes unwanted impurities, such as dirt from the air and dead cells, while maintaining moisture. The foamy face wash delivers the necessary ingredients and makes the skin looks clear and radiant.
  2. <lotion> The Ginza Moisturizing Lotion  50ml
    The high-function lotion feels like it can perceive the skin condition, delivers moisture throughout the stratum corneum, and nurtures refined, moisturized, healthy-looking skin.
  3. <emulsion> The Ginza Moisturizing Emulsion  40g
    Feels like it deftly senses the skin’s condition and fills the skin with moisture, firmness, and elasticity. This high-functioning emulsion holds moisture inside and makes the skin smooth and soft.
  4. <cotton> The Ginza Superior Cotton 40 Sheets
    This cotton helps deliver precious ingredients evenly and effortlessly to the skin.Made with exclusively selected natural materials.
  5. Contains fine silk and premium cotton
    Cotton size: 60mm x 75mm

-Made in Japan