Three Clearing Foam 100g


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96% naturally derived ingredients!

This face wash is mild enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin which suffers from red marks even after just a gentle rub. The fluffy and rich fine lather envelops and washes away the impurities that cause skin problems, restores the skin’s healthy pH balance and leaves the skin impeccably clean. Washes off for a soft and supple appearance without creating any feelings of tightness even in areas that are prone to dryness.

-Made in Japan


Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, Hydroxide K, Lauric Acid, Lauramidopropylbetaine, Propanediol, Spring Water, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Laurel Oil, Lavender Oil, Clan Bare Vicinal Nica Seed Oil, Niu Oral Instruction Oil, Tea Seed Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Bitter Orange Leaves / Branches Oil, Lavender Water, Lemon Fruit Water, A Pin Uz String Hori Atsu Scan Fruit Extract, Yeast Extract, Nambung Vicia Cracca Seed Extract, Rodos Dendron Fell Formic Neum Extract, Coral End, Polyglyceryl Laurate -10, Betaine, Phenoxyethanol, Cellulose Gum, Pentetic Acid 5na, Polyquaternium -7,1,2- Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol